Government Review on Ornamental Fish

In 2006 the Federal Government released a paper titled "A Strategic Approach to the Management of Ornamental Fish in Australia". You can read more about this at the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries & Forestry website, as well as download a complete copy of the paper.

As koi are legal pets in WA and NSW only, there were suggestions that koi should be banned in these two states in order to make the laws consistent around Australia.

The koi keeping hobby is supported by thousands of hobbyists in these two states, as well as many businesses around Australia.

The Koi Society of WA, Koi Society of Australia & Australian Koi Association are working together to ensure that koi are not banned and that koi keepers can continue to participate in this popular, rewarding, world-wide hobby.


Dec 2008 - Message from KSWA President

Dec 2008 - KSWA letter to Fisheries

Dec 2008 - Reply from Fisheries

May 2009 - Letter from KSWA to Federal Minister regarding lack of consultation with Koi Societies

June 2009 - NSW DPI Pamphlet "Important information regarding ornamental fish"

Oct 2009 - Reply from Fisheries

Nov 2009 - NSW DPI Pamphlet "Ornamental Fish in NSW - Recent changes to legislation"


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